Connecticut Dental Insurance Options

Dental insurance is a necessity for many families. Getting proper insurance coverage can feel like an overwhelming task; with so many choices and decisions to make. Connecticut dental insurance companies offer a wide selection of packages to fit any consumer's needs.

Connecticut Dental Insurance Doesn't Have To Be Complicated

Most Connecticut dental insurance companies offer similar basic plans; that consist of good coverage for families and individuals. Many companies also, offer dental packages to their employees; these, are usually a PPO or HMO group plan. Both of these options have benefits for consumers. With these plans, the consumer doesn't have to file any paperwork to the insurance company. Both plans offer consumers a list of network dentists who have agreed to participate in the plan. One difference is in how the fee structure is set. With a PPO, the participating dentists have agreed to a set price for services, while the HMO sets the service fees. The PPO plan also, allows a consumer to see an outside dentist, but, for higher service fees. The consumer is then responsible for the difference in price. The HMO plan does not allow outside dentists to be used. A co-pay or deductible is usually required. Both of these plans offered through Connecticut dental insurance companies, allow consumers to receive preventative dental care including cleanings and x-rays.

Indemnity plans are another choice for consumers. With this plan, a consumer can see any dentist they choose. Services provided by the dentist are paid for up-front by the patient. Insurance forms are then submitted; and, a reimbursement is provided to the patient. The reimbursement amount is dependent on the agreement of coverage between the consumer and the Connecticut dental insurance company.

Another choice that Connecticut dental insurance companies offers is a dental discount program. This is program is a membership based insurance. That means that a consumer applies to be a member. When accepted a membership card is issued. The consumer can select a dentist from a list of approved providers. These dentists have agreed to set discount prices for services. This plan enables dentists to expand their business, and gives the patient discount on dental procedures. Plans may vary on what they cover and how much. It is important to check with a Connecticut dental insurance company to compare plans.

With the assistance of a Connecticut dental insurance company, all dental insurance options can be researched. There are many flexible plans that offer a wide range of services and preventative care measures.