Cigna Dental Insurance Provides Plans With Options

Oral health care is part of a person's overall health and insurance to help pay dental costs is becoming more important. With Cigna dental insurance subscribers can find a variety of plans offering options to help the whole family receive quality oral health with premiums that fit their budget. Whether a part of the preferred provider network are being able to select a different dentist for each family member, Cigna dental insurance plans can help families control the costs of their dental needs.

One of the better Cigna dental insurance plans is the DHMO for dental care. Subscribers choose their own dentist from the nationwide network of dentists. In most cases, there will be no waiting period to receive service, there are usually no co-payments required and no maximum limit on the costs. There are also no forms to file, which can make visiting the dentist convenient and cost-effective.

With a preferred provider network plan from Cigna dental insurance, most preventive procedures are performed at no cost to the subscriber or at a reduced cost. Subscribers visiting a network dentist experience lower out-of-pocket costs and claim forms do not have to be filed with a network dentist. Additionally, if there is a need to see a specialist, no referral is necessary.

Employer Sponsored Programs Offer Flexibility

Many employers are finding options offered with Cigna dental insurance as a great benefit for their workers. Cigna dental insurance offers choices that take care of the dental needs of employees and their families, while giving them the low-cost choice to fit their needs.

With the Dental HMO, there is no annual maximum coverage and no paperwork to file along with no deductible. The dentist must be a member of the nationwide network, however every family member can choose a different network dentist. There are no co-payments for preventive procedures and if Cigna dental insurance makes the arrangements, a second opinion is available at no charge.

With the Cigna preferred provider plan, the out-of-pocket expenses of the subscriber is lower with no claim forms to file and no referral needed to visit a specialist. Subscribers can choose from any licensed dentist in the provider network.

The Cigna dental insurance traditional plan makes diagnostic and preventive procedures available to low cost, and some cases free, but most traditional plans have a deductible. For most covered services, once the deductible and any waiting period has been met, subscribers will be reimbursed, up to the maximum dollar amount in the plan.