Alabama Dental Insurance: A Plan For Everyone

Searching for a dental plan that can meet the needs of individuals and families can take research and time. Employers will sometimes offer their employees some type of dental insurance. These plans can vary in their coverage; and, it's important to discover what type of insurance the company has. Individuals searching for coverage, too, need to be aware of the differences in coverage offered by insurance companies in different states. Alabama dental insurance companies offer several flexible plans for individual consumers as well as groups.

What Types of Alabama Dental Insurance Are There?

Most insurance companies offer several different plans. One type of plan offered by companies found within Alabama dental insurance groups is a dental service discount plan. With this plan, consumers can choose a dentists or orthodontist from a comprehensive list of quality professionals. These providers have negotiated a set fee for services. For example, a routine cleaning would be offered to a member at a discount price. These discounts can be as high as 70% off the recommended price set by the ADA. Many consumers find this plan works for them, as there may not be any set exclusions or waiting periods until a consumer can see a dentist.

Another plan offered by insurance companies within the Alabama dental insurance groups, is an indemnity plan. This plan offers the consumer the choice to see any provider they choose. With this plan, a set fee is also established and a certain percentage is paid by the insurance company. The remainder of the fee is the responsibility of the consumer. All initial fees are paid by the consumer; then when the paperwork is approved the consumer is reimbursed. Many people like the ability to choose their own health care provider; and, this is a policy worth considering.

Dental PPO's are another option for consumers seeking Alabama dental insurance. These plans are similar to medical PPO's in that there is a set group of dentists that can be used. There are monthly premiums and there can be co-pays when visiting a dentist. Again, the group of dentists has agreed to charge the insurance company a set amount for services. If a patient decides to use a provider that is outside of the referred network, they will be responsible for a greater dollar amount for the services.

Consumers seeking dental insurance have many insurance companies to choose from. Being aware of the differences in coverage is important when taking the next step and purchasing a plan.