Impending Dental Work? Calming Your Fears About The Dentist

No one likes having dental work done, but inevitably it's something we all face. Ask most people and they will tell you, going to the dentist is high on their list of things they hate to do. Is there a way to make this process easier on our nerves? Can we really go to the dentist with less fear and more confidence? Following are some helpful tips on how to make your next trip to the dentist a little less nerve wracking.

Be Informed

In any situation, the more informed you are, the less scared you will be, and this includes a trip to the old mouth doctor. If you are having major dental work done it's likely you will have a consultation first, and it's here that you can obtain every detail about what will possibly be done to you the next time you're in the dentist's chair. Will they be putting you under, giving you laughing gas, or just a local anesthetic?

Will you be able to work the same day as having your dental work done, or should you take the day, or several days off? Will you need someone to drive you home afterward, or will you be able to drive yourself? What exactly will be done to your mouth? These are all questions to be asked of your dentist if he or she does not volunteer the information.

And while most procedures these days are meant to be as painless as possible, asking your dentist exactly what kind of pain your dental work is going to put you in, is a valid question. This way you can prepare yourself based on your pain tolerance.

Even when having emergency dental work done, there is time to ask what exactly will be performed, so don't skip this step. No one likes to have their space invaded without knowing exactly what will be done and there is no reason for this to happen.

Tips For Relaxation

Now that you know everything you need to know about your procedure, you may feel a little better, but probably not completely at ease. What are some things you can do to relax in the dentist chair? Many dentists are helping with that by "amenities" such as a television screen that is mounted to the light above your head so you have a distraction while they are doing your dental work. Headphones wired to the television help drown out the noise of the drill.

Relaxation techniques you use in other situations, such as deep breathing for instance, can provide immediate results as well. Count to four while breathing in, pushing your stomach out as you do so. Breathe out gently for a four count, pulling your stomach in as much as you can, thoroughly expelling all the air.

If you still don't feel one hundred percent at ease, and no one ever does, remember that it will be over soon. You have done the best you can to prepare, and assuming you have a dentist you're comfortable with, and everyone should, you can rest assured you're in good hands.