Making the Perfect Smile: Dental Products that Make a Difference

Just a couple of generations ago, dentures, even in the young were a common occurrence. People were resigned to losing their teeth to decay and use. But today, our smiles have never been more protected. Dental products have become so sophisticated, dentures are less necessary. With thousands of products on the market, it is impossible to talk about all the alternatives. But there are some products that consumers should be aware of for themselves and for their children. Still, even with the advances in dentistry that these dental products represent, unless one practices good oral hygiene, dental health is still at risk.

Tooth Brushes and Dental Floss

Brushing one's teeth is as much about technique as type of brush. But, companies are manufacturing both manual and electronic tooth brushes that can help in technique. Several companies make electric tooth brushes that create the correct motions. They also give vibration and velocity that both break up plaque and remove it successfully. Manual Toothbrushes use design factors that put the hands and fingers in the right position for optimal effectiveness.

Flossing is still a must companion to brushing. Lubrication helps floss glide between the tight spaces. Dental tape, a film-like floss that gives a wide body to go deeper is very popular. There are several different kinds of floss holders that enable the user to reach back teeth more effectively.

Mouth Wash

Bad breath has always been a concern. Mouth wash has been around for a long time, but even mouth wash is available to help with smiles. Formulas contain whiteners, plaque and tarter reducers and fluoridation that all help protect teeth. It's not just about bad breath anymore. Recent studies have shown that using a good mouth wash can be almost as effective as flossing, though dentists don't recommend that one stops flossing.

Newer Products

Dental products are not just about brushing and flossing. Dentists now offer a variety of products they can use to combat decay and wear. At one time, dentists placed a coating over baby teeth to prevent tooth decay. Now, they offer the same service for coating adult teeth. Following cleaning, the coat can be applied and give the same results as in children. Whitening and bleaching products are very popular. Molds are made of the teeth and a bleaching agent applied and used overnight. This allows for significant whitening of teeth stained by coffee and tobacco as well as age.

It is clear that adults have a better chance of keeping their own teeth now than ever before. Dental products give us all a chance to continue to enjoy our smile. Dental products control severe decay and keep the more serious infections to a minimum. This is monumental as some infections can spread to the blood stream and become health risks. The dental products available today offer more than a good smile, they offer good health.