Dental Implants Keep Natural Smile In Place

Some people simply have trouble wearing dentures and may have a tough time with tooth replacements due to the alignment of existing natural teeth. By using dental implants, one or more teeth can be replaced without the need for adjustment of adjacent teeth or the need to fit a partial plate, which can be loose in the mouth. They offer one of the most natural looking cosmetic options for replacing lost teeth.

Whether the teeth were lost by accident or through decay, as long as person is in good overall health and has healthy gums free of periodontal disease they may be a candidate for dental implants. During the procedure, an artificial root, typically stainless steel or titanium is surgically implanted into the jaw to hold the tooth firmly in place. In cases where a bridge with two or more teeth is replaced, a single root can hold it into place. This does away with the need to use adjacent teeth as support for securing the artificial teeth.

In addition to providing a secure means of keeping the teeth in place, other benefits to using dental implants include the elimination of gaps between teeth or the need for other devices to insure the space between the teeth remains constant over the year. Bone loss and receding gums are often present in people who use bridges, but with dental implants this does not occur. The implants appear exactly the same as adjacent natural teeth.

No Fear Of Misplacing Replacement Teeth

With dentures and bridges there is always the opportunity to set them down forget where they are, similar to the car keys. They are held firmly in place and there is no need to remove them for cleaning. Additionally, since dental implants are imbedded into the bone, there is no opportunity for food particle to get between a plate and the mouth and cause irritation.

While dental implants are more common for single tooth replacement and the replacement of several teeth, full denture sets can be held in place with dental implants as well. This procedure will prevent slippage of dentures without the need for bonding materials to hold them to the gums. They are also held firmly in place regardless of what is being eaten.

There are a few qualifications to be a good candidate for dental implants including a jawbone high enough to attach the dental implants as well as good overall health. The procedure is typically performed by a periodontist and those interested in dental implants should contact one to determine if the procedure is right for them.