Dealing With Dental Braces As An Adult

As a kid, having dental braces is almost a right of passage. Every kid expects to have them and those that are lucky enough not to need them often spend their time wishing they did, especially today when every effort is made to make dental braces look "cool", like adding rubber bands in colors to suit any occasion. As an adult, however, the prospect of having dental braces is often less than desirable. There are things we did not expect to deal with when we became grown ups and one of them is certainly dental braces.

There are numerous reasons you might choose as an adult to get dental braces. It could be that your wisdom teeth have crowded your other teeth and made them crooked, an accident that required oral surgery and then dental braces, or perhaps you needed them as a kid but your parents could never afford them and now you can. Whatever the case, there is a certain satisfaction in being happy with your smile and dental braces are often the key. Here are a couple of survival tips for the adult with dental braces.

Talk To Your Orthodontist

Before you get your braces, talk to your orthodontist about what you can expect. Ask for a realistic expectation of what your teeth will look like afterwards, and how long you'll have to have the braces on. Find out if you'll have to wear a retainer, how often, and for how long. The more you know, the better you'll feel about the whole experience.

Get To Know The Toothpaste Aisle

With braces, eating becomes a whole new experience. Everything you need to make that experience a less self conscious one can be found in the toothpaste aisle of your local drugstore. Many people find it handy to carry a toothbrush with them, as well as floss. You can pop into the restroom quickly after that working lunch and take care of the food particles that love to attach themselves to your new dental work.

If you've forgotten the toothbrush, a quick swish with water in your mouth should do the trick to get rid of most of it. Grab a toothpick on your way out of the restaurant or the employee break room and take care of the rest when you get a private moment.

Another thing the toothpaste aisle is good for is relieving the discomfort of dental braces. There you can find dental wax and oral anesthetics to help ease the pain of metal rubbing against the inside of your mouth. Eventually you'll build up a tolerance and your mouth won't be as sensitive, but for the first few months these aids can be invaluable.

Wear Them With Confidence

You may feel self conscious as an adult with dental braces, but knowing you're doing something good for your body and your self esteem should help you smile with confidence even before the braces come off. Who knows, you may inspire someone else to get them too! Half of what makes a smile beautiful is the confidence behind it, and if you can smile with confidence with braces on, think how great that smile is going to be when they're off!