Caring for Dental Braces between Visits

Many people wish for that perfectly straight smile and will go to any lengths to achieve it. Some wear metal braces for years and undergo several and somewhat painful treatments to finally get a better bite and smile. However, in order to reach your goals you need to take care of the dental braces in between dentist visits so that your time, money and pain are minimized.


Unfortunately, you can not eat just anything and everything you used to until you have your dental braces. Care for your orthodontic treatment by avoiding gooey, sugary and sticky food like gummy candy, raisins, hard bubble gum and the like. You may not notice it but small specks of hard food like popcorn or nuts and potato chips can lodge themselves in the nooks and crannies between your teeth and case complications.

Many dentists are of the opinion that it is not how many sugary snacks you eat, but how frequently you consume them and how you care for your dental braces after the snack. For instance, it is worse to have a few gummy bears every few hours throughout the day as opposed to sitting down and having half a bag full and thoroughly brushing your teeth after that.

Dentists also advise that if you do really want to eat something that is not particularly advisable for your braces, have it with a meal rather than on its own to minimize the adverse affects.

Brushing and Flossing

Brushing does become a little more difficult when you have dental braces but caring for them becomes even more important. Otherwise food debris left in between the metal wires and the crevices in your teeth can lead to bad breath, cavities, bleeding gums and other such complications that can prolong the length and cost of the treatment.

Dentists recommend investing in a powered toothbrush so that it can rotate in and around the teeth making it harder to miss a spot or two. Many people prefer oral irrigators, proxy brushes and automatic flossers when caring for their dental braces. Ask your orthodontist for a brand recommendation.


If you are sexually active and wear dental braces, care must be taken especially when French kissing or having oral sex. This is because the metal in the braces can tear the condom making the wearer and his or her partner more susceptible to HIV or other sexually transmitted diseases or an unwanted pregnancy. Similarly, dental braces care should include being careful about mouth sores and ulcers so that the metal doesn't aggravate the condition.

Invisible Braces

Many people feel that by opting for the new Invisalign kind of braces, they can skip most of the dental braces care, but that is not true. The American Dental Association recommends hat even though Invisalign is a great invention, it can not replace braces as it is only suitable for minor work for those people who already have a good bite. Also, it is not suitable for children.

Therefore traditional dental braces are here to stay; it is up to you to take care of them so that you reach your target smile sooner and with minimum discomfort.