Looking Good: Dental Bonding in California

Vanity thy name is... But it's not just women anymore. Men are very conscious of how they look these days as well. No where is there more emphasis on appearances as in California. Because the entertainment industry is located here, thousands of hopeful movie stars and models fill the streets.

Hollywood is picky. Everyone who auditions has to have a "head shot," or close-up photo of the face. A person can be viewed as very attractive and still have a hard time making it, if their teeth are bad. That is why cosmetic dentistry is a lucrative field in California. Thousands of dentists thrive in this competitive environment.

But cosmetic dentistry can be prohibitively expensive and if lots of work is needed, a person trying to make it in the movie business and has yet to earn that first role is at a distinct disadvantage. That is why people look for cheaper alternatives to orthodonture or expensive caps and crowns. One such alternative is dental bonding in California.

Service for the Smile

Dental bonding is a procedure by which imperfections such as gaps, chips and even crooked teeth can be remolded using a sophisticated resin. This resin is used to fill in spaces and reshape imperfections and it is done at a fraction of the cost of procedures such as caps and crowns.

Dental bonding is also relatively painless. No anesthetic is required unless the compound is being used to fill a cavity. The most important ingredient in dental bonding is the resin. It is a compound that, when dry, becomes as hard as tooth enamel. This is done by use of a special infrared light. Also, it is important that the resin match the color of the teeth. One added expense to dental bonding is if the teeth need to be whitened so that they will achieve a more attractive shade.

The Price is Right

Dental bonding in California is the cheapest way to a better smile. The procedure, even if not covered by insurance, runs anywhere from one hundred dollars to four hundred dollars. Dentists have been able to control costs just by the sheer volume of procedures done each year.

Other procedures, of course can run into the thousands of dollars and often are more painful and complicated. Braces require numerous office visits over a number of years and the costs can run as much as ten thousand dollars for a set. Likewise, caps require filing down teeth which can be painful and they too cost thousands.

For the cost, dental bonding in California is the way to go. The one drawback is durability. The average life span of bonds is between three and ten years. But, the future is not the point. Immediate impact is the point. Many would be stars are banking on being able to afford much better the next go round.