Read the Fine Print in Your Complete Dental Insurance Plan

You might be over the moon that your employer has given you a complete dental insurance plan as part of your employment package. While that is an excellent perk, always read the fine print in the complete dental insurance plan before you schedule any appointments.

What Is Covered?

Find out what exactly is covered in your complete dental insurance plan and how much is your responsibility. The plan may include 100 per cent coverage for routine dental cleanings and exams twice a year, but if your dentist uncovers a need for any fillings or other dental work (which undoubtedly he will) then it may be partially your responsibility.

For instance, fillings may be covered fully but only silver colored basic ones whereas you may be interested in the newer white fillings that are less noticeable. Similarly, extraction may be covered at 80 per cent, which means that f you need two teeth extracted, you will have to pay the remaining 20 per cent for both teeth and so on.

Further, dental rates vary greatly between dental providers. Unfortunately there is no industry standard whereby all oral care providers charge a flat fee. If some offer a good deal on root canals, then they may be making their money in braces and so on.

Where Can I Go?

Most dental insurance; however complete it may be may require you to go to a dentist in the network of the insurance company as these offices have contracted rates with the insurance company and provide steep discounts. Therefore, do not think you can just hop across to Dr. Jim across the street. Find out from your insurance company of he is in the network and then call up the dentists office and ask them if they accept your complete dental insurance plan as often websites and directories are not frequently updated and you wouldn't want the hassle afterwards.

What about Cosmetic Procedures?

Even if you do not have any major oral surgery requirements, many people wish to use their complete dental insurance plan for teeth whitening, alignment and other such cosmetic procedures. Find out specifically if your complete dental insurance plan covers this as many only cover the medical aspect of dental care where your oral health is concerned and you are in pain. It doesn't pay for you to become more beautiful with a whiter, brighter or straighter smile.

Do They Accept Coupons?

If you find a great introductory rate coupon in the paper and want to go to that dentist, find out if he is in the network and also if you can apply coupons if you have complete dental insurance. Many dental offices will accept discount cards and coupons only with cash payment and not in conjunction with insurance.