No Insurance? Try a Dental Plan with Big Discounts

For the millions of Americans who do not have access to medical or dental insurance, discount plans often just have to do. They are not backed by huge insurance companies where you pay a monthly premium and lots of procedures are covered. Rather they are discount dental plans by companies big and small that offer you a simple discounted rate every time you use the card. However, there are some limitations so find out about them before you sign the dotted line.

Membership Dues

Many of these big discount dental plans have yearly membership fees. Once your dues are cleared, you can visit the dentist in their network or any one which accepts this big discount dental plan and start saving money instantly. Usually, there are no forms to fill out and no claims to submit. It is a pre negotiated rate that you can even inquire about over the phone. Many of these big discount dental plans offer free trial memberships where you can see f you are satisfied with the service provided. Some offer a free month, others offer a little more or less.

GE Wellness Plan

The GE Wellness Plan is one example of a big discount dental plan which many dentists over the county accept. As its card clearly stats it is not an insurance plan but a discount card just like you have at your local grocery store like Jewel or Dominick's. It has many plans starting with a annual membership for an individual at around $139 and for a family at $189. This shows that for just $50 more, you can include your spouse, kids and any other financially dependent person living in your home.

It may seem like a neat sum up front, but it can pay for itself in just one visit for the family. If you are all planning to go in for a routine check up, rates at dentists start at around $50 per person. However, members of the GE Wellness Plan and other such big discount dental plans pay nothing for routine visits and even in-depth cleaning, Yes, zilch, zero, nothing at all.

This particular plan boasts of providing at least a 30 per cent discount with over 9000 dentists nationwide so chances are you'll find a participating dentist close to you. 30 per cent may not seem as great as a dental insurance plan that covers 80 per cent of costs, but remember here you re paying an annual low fee rather than a hefty premium each month.