Finding the Best Dental Plan for You

If you are fortunate to have been given the option of dental insurance, look carefully at all the options before choosing which the best dental plan for you is. Health insurance of any kind is not a one size fits all; what may be suitable for the Henderson's may not be the perfect solution for the Johnson's and vice versa.

Here are a number of factors you should consider when choosing the best dental plan for you.

Family Size

How many people of your family are covered under this plan and at what rates? Often times the rates are skewed in favor of smaller families, so you may want to choose other alternatives. Many companies pay fully for their employee, but expect the employee to foot the bill for his or her spouse and children. Often times, there are discounts offered for family members, but it is still your financial responsibility.

What Is Covered?

Different dental plans have their best and worst features. While some offer great discounts and coverage of routine exams and minor dental work like fillings and cleanings; they can rack up outrageous bills in more detailed work like root canals and bridge and post work. Even if a procedure is covered, compare plans to see how much is your responsibility and how much is the insurance company's.

Payment Options

Some plans offer the flexibility of installment options and deferred billing whereas others require immediate payment. Evaluate your financial situation and see which plan appeals to your budget. Inquire if a FSA account is available where by you can pay for your dental and medical expenses using a charge card in a tax-free account. For instance, if you estimate you will spend $500 in a year on health care expenses, then you can put that much of your pre-tax income in to an FSA account. Every time you pay for a prescription, doctor visit or any medical or dental bill, the money comes out of that account.

Choosing a Dentist

You might have favorite dentist whom you trust and have been going to for several years. When choosing the best dental plan from among the new options your employer has provided, find out if your dentist participates in ay of the plans so that you don't have to waste time looking for another dentist whom you are comfortable with.

There are so many insurance plans to choose from today. Answer all the above questions and see which dental plan is the best for you as far as location, hours of operation, rates and above all, trusting the dentist is concerned.