If Lightheartedness And Mirth Help, Then Take A Stand up defensive driving Course

Good driving and that includes highway driving is all about driving when not tired, anticipating other fellow highway drivers' needs, showing some common sense and courtesy as well as being a part of the flow of traffic. If you follow these simple rules there should be no reason why your driving trip will not turn out to be enjoyable and you also will not have to turn to taking stand up defensive driving lessons.

Fail To Follow Simple Rules

However, if you fail to follow simple driving rules you may very well end up at a stand up defensive driving class where you will then need to be taught defensive driving by a professional comedian who is well experienced not only on the stage, but also behind the wheel of an automobile.

The comedians that teach you stand up defensive driving will have you in splits and captivate you into learning the tricks of defensive driving. Most comedians that impart this form of instruction are people with definitive stage presence and who are all capable of doing great impressions and can change their voices to impersonate different characters, make funny faces and fall down while also knowing a foreign language or two such as Spanish and even are able to teach you defensive driving using sign language and just one finger.

These comedians that do the stand up defensive driving stuff will grab your attention right from the word go and not let your mind wander from the stage and from the topic of better and more defensive driving. You can learn the thousands of practical ways of becoming a better driver while also being entertained at the same time.

So, you might find their funny methods of teaching you how not to speed attractive enough to enroll in a stand up defensive driving course where you will realize the need to drive within speed limits and also learn not to obstruct or fight the flow of traffic. You will realize, albeit in a lighter vein that flowing with the traffic is a lot safer as well as less aggravating than having others being forced into marching to your beat.

You can also learn not to be like the many American drivers that do either willingly or unwittingly not stick to the lane they should be in. If it takes lightheartedness and mirth to teach you this simple defensive driving attitude, then most certainly you should opt for a stand up defensive driving class. You would also learn how to pass other cars, and anticipate traffic needs of fellow travelers and being receptive to getting help in case of a breakdown.