The School Bus Defensive Driving Course

The school bus defensive driving course is essential if you are a school bus driver, and so if you are new to the school bus driving field, then most likely you are curious as to just what this school bus defensive driving course is all about. If so, then read on.

What is the School Bus Defensive Driving Course?

Basically, it is just what it sounds like - a course that is designed to teach school bus drivers how to drive properly and how to protect themselves, the children they are transporting, and others on the road as safe as possible. In this course, attendees are provided with an understanding of the different laws and regulations that apply to the school bus industry.

The school bus defensive driving course is a course which was designed by the Transportation Health and Safety Association, and it is not only recommended for all school bus drivers, but in fact it is enforced. If you do not complete this course, then you are not professionally certified to be a school bus driver.

Typically in a classroom setting, the various different school bus defensive driving techniques are presented with the aid of various audio and visual techniques, and it is a course which is basically designed to involve the participants in group discussions of the common driving problems that are encountered by drivers every day.

The course includes a variety of different issues, including: rules and regulations that apply to a school bus; the human elements which affect our ability to drive safely, including attitude, mental emotional state, complacency, physical well-being, nutrition, proper sleep, vision, and so on; vehicle inspection, basic vehicle control, factors that affect steering; inside the vehicle, and traffic and weather conditions.

Additional Courses

There are also plenty of other defensive driving courses that you can take on top of this one, and so if you are particularly concerned with being a safe and protective driver, then you are going to want to take as many of these different courses and classes as you can. After all, you are not going to lose anything by taking several different courses, as all you are doing is making yourself that much more informed and knowledgeable on the issue.

Keeping yourself and others safe on the road is crucial, particularly when you are a school bus driver and it is children that you are driving around, as you obviously want to take every step possible when it comes to protecting those children.