Responsible Drivers Use Defensive Driving Techniques

Some traffic accidents have terrible consequences for many years, and responsible drivers have to use defensive driving techniques to protect themselves from many irresponsible drivers on the same roads. These defensive driving techniques have been developed by experts who have studied some of the reasons for the awful accidents in the past. The experts have suggested defensive driving techniques when traveling on the freeways, neighborhood roads and city streets. One of the first defensive driving techniques suggested to protect people is the use of seat belts. Those who are involved in an accident will probably fare better if they use a seat belt.

The experts on defensive driving techniques suggest that drivers should be very careful when involved in heavy traffic. Defensive driving is most important when in a pack of cars on the freeway. A careless move by any of the cars in that pack could affect all of the people traveling in the other cars. Defensive driving experts recommend that drivers should maneuver to move away from this pack of cars if possible to avoid any mistakes on the part of other drivers. The experts recommend moving to the front of the pack if possible to avoid accidents. These same experts recommend staying away from large vehicles for a long period of time.

Defensive Driving Techniques Require Constant Vigilance

The experts who have devised defensive driving techniques suggest that drivers carefully watch the road ahead. Drivers should not use telephones that might distract them from their view of the road. Drivers should make sure that their mirrors are set before they start out so they have a good view of the road and vehicles behind them. Drivers should avoid operating their vehicle in the blind spot of another vehicle for an extended period of time. Drivers moving defensively should leave enough space between their vehicle and those ahead of them so they have plenty of time to stop at all times.

Defensive driving techniques include the grip on the steering wheel. Drivers should have both hands on the wheel at all times, and their hands should be placed at the nine and three o'clock positions. Drivers should scan the road ahead for others moving onto a freeway or moving through an intersection. Drivers should check for other cars when moving through an intersection on a green light. Other drivers may run a red light so an accident may not be one driver's fault, but they might sustain serious injuries anyway.