Defensive Driving Questionnaire: Being honest in your answers would be to your advantage

In today's world everyone seems to want to stay active and be independent. There is hardly anyone that would not like to be dependent on others especially when they grow old and would still like to be able to drive safely as well as remain mobile. It is thus necessary to have a correct view of your driving abilities as well as the different conditions that affect your driving. Often, it means having to answer a defensive driving questionnaire to learn how best to take control of your driving future.

It Is Only You And No One Else That Sees The Questionnaire

The important thing to remember about taking the defensive driving questionnaire is that it will only be you that will see the questionnaire and nobody else. It is thus in your best interest to address the defensive driving questionnaire in an honest manner though you may get help from your instructor regarding certain questions asked off you. There are in fact a number of different questions that you will need to answer such as the importance of driving in your life, your confidence in your own driving ability, your vision, reaction time as well as much more.

The defensive driving questionnaire may also ask of you whether driving makes you feel anxious and the situations in which such feelings are felt. You may also need to answer questions pertaining to any medications that you are taking and whether such medications will affect your driving or not. Also, the defensive driving questionnaire may even require your answer on whether you think there is any alternative method of transportation that you could use, and the level of your awareness regarding transportation resources that you could use that does not include your own automobile.

There are also other aspects to defensive driving that include knowing how you actually 'fit' into your car. You may need to answer in the defensive driving questionnaire how you feel when you see traffic as well as other pedestrians ahead of you, and whether it makes you want to obey the laws or not.

If you are not comfortable with answering questions put to you in the defensive driving questionnaire, you may want to check out some organizations that offer defensive driving education programs, which you could join and thus take a defensive driving course that will enable you to handle not only driving, but also help you answer more confidently the defensive driving questions put to you in a defensive driving questionnaire.