Why Teach A Defensive Driving Instructor Course

It's a dangerous world out there for drivers and teachers. Being a schoolteacher is a low paying, high stress profession. You have to deal not only with hormone fueled students who would really rather be elsewhere, but the school administration, the students' parents and your fellow teachers. But you feel you have the gift of teaching. You could consider going into driver's education. You might find more pay and less stress if you taught a defensive driving instructor course.

Can You Be A Defensive Driving Instructor?

You can if you fulfill some requirements, which are very much like fulfilling the requirements of being a school teacher.

- You have to have a legal driver's license

- You have to have a clean criminal record

- You can pass your state's Department of Transportation examinations for driving instructors. Although this can differ with each state, in many states you need a state license in order to teach driving. This test can cost you up top $100.

- Some states require you take a course of so many hours or so many credits before it will let you take the exam.

- You do not experience road rage or any kind of rage while in the presence of other people.

- You like having a flexible schedule. You often have to work weekends and evenings, but you may have your days free. It depends on the individual defensive driving instructor course your employer offers.

- You have your own car. Often, defensive driving instructor courses require students to drive in the real world. Depending on what school you work for, you might have to use your own car to give some on road lessons to your students.


You will be meeting a lot of people every work day. You may be teaching defensive driving to regular folk, or to a future defensive driving instructor. Course, you might also be teaching angels and devils in disguise. But you get to work one on one with a student. And you are teaching valuable skills that are immediately relevant to your students' lives. Some driving instructors feel a more immediate sense of bettering someone's life than they do in front of a classroom. When you teach a defensive driving instructor course, you know that your students are not just interested in passing one exam, but want to learn a skill that tests them every day. You may be able to reach more students teaching a defensive driving instructor course than in a school.