What You Can Get From Defensive Driving Instruction

Defensive driving instruction really teaches you about self defense behind the wheel. Like most martial arts, it teaches you how to avoid trouble by not getting into it in the first place. Some see driving as a meditative or Zen activity, as you have to be completely aware of the present moment, as you are in meditation. But there are other advantages to getting defensive driving instruction rather than just being a better driver.

You Can Save Your Money

Many car insurance companies offer discounts on their premiums for customers who can prove they have completed defensive driving instruction. These are usually available more for those over 55 than for younger drivers. You do have to pay for the course. But, if you add up the savings on your car insurance payments, the course should pay for itself. The certificate is good for the discount an average of two years with insurance companies. Check with yours to see how often you need to take defensive driving instruction in order to qualify for an insurance discount.

You Can Save Your Life

The National Safety Council reports that car accidents are mostly due to driver error (or driver stupidity, they do not specify). In fact, they think 77% of car accidents are the fault of human error. If you have ever spent more than an hour on any busy highway in America, you can see evidence in your fellow drivers how the National Safety Council came up with such a high figure.

Most people, when they drive, are too casual about it. They do it so often, they do not pay attention. They tailgate and put on make up and do dozens of other things other than drive a car. Defensive driving instruction teaches you how to keep a safe distance from other drivers, how to handle your car in bad weather and even how to know if you or your car is in no condition to be on the road.

You Can Save Your Sanity

Some defensive driving instruction will teach you how to calm down and recover from encounters with bad drivers. Just knowing some distressing techniques behind the wheel can make being stuck in a traffic jam not so bad. You can see a traffic jam as a conspiracy to keep you from where you need to go, or you could see it as a time to relax and stretch your arms. When you are calmer, you are less prone to make mistakes that could cause an accident.