Computer Based Training - Defensive Driving Goes High Tech

Everyone who has ever paid a car insurance bill would like for it to go down instead of up. You may be able to get a lower insurance bill if you take a defensive driving course. Check with your car insurance company for details. If they say yes, then you have to find a driving school.

Your car insurance company may have a list of those they recommend for you. Then, all you have to do is travel to a schoolroom for the class. Of course, you have to make time for all of this. But is there a quicker way? Of course there is. Why would I be writing this article otherwise?

Online Driving: Not Just Games

If you are like me, when you think of online driving simulators, you think of crashing a Formula One into a wall during a video game. But now there is computer based training. Defensive driving skills are a little different from video game skills. But the same technology is used. For years, commercial airline pilots have been able to renew their pilot's license with flight simulators. If computer simulators are good enough for pilots, why not for the average driver?

Computer based training, defensive driving or advanced driving software is available for all kinds of computers at varying prices. You get the computer based training, defensive driving or other driving class, from a driving school. You know how you can get a college degree online? Same principle applies with computer based training. Defensive driving courses pay for themselves with reduced car insurance rates and potentially life saving skills.

Before you pay anything, check that:

- Your car insurance will accept a certificate from this school

- Your computer has all of the requirements to run the software

- You can complete the course once you start it. Al lot of computer based training, defensive driving or other classes, requires you to pay for the whole course up front, despite if you drop out or not. Just like in a real word college!

- You already have a valid driver's license. Sorry, but you still have to stand in line at the DMV to get your original license. The same is true for anyone with a suspended license. The certificate cannot substitute for an actual license.

Many people prefer the convenience and individual attention that can come with computer based training. Defensive driving will never be a video game, but learning it doesn't have to be a drag.