Advanced Driving Course: What Every Driver Should Take

So you know that you are already a good driver and you want to broaden your knowledge in driving. There are many offline and online classes that offers advanced driving course which would help you in honing your driving skills to maximize your safety and others' as well on any public road type. But sad to say, the term "advanced driving" is being abused by many for quick profit and does not understand what the term really should evoke.

Advance driving means that it is the ability to control your position and the speed that you have safely, systematically, and flawlessly always regardless of what road and traffic condition you are in. This requires a positive, knowledgeable, courteous, and an all-around good attitude while driving.

Advanced Drivers Of America

Probably the most recognized and reputable organization that offers advanced driving course is the Advanced Drivers of America. The company started when the IAM or the Institute of Advanced Motorists were formed in the year 1955 after hearing that there has been a tremendous reduction of accidents in the United Kingdom after they have used the advance driving techniques along the metropolitan area. Then it branched out to Advanced Drivers of America, offering advanced driving course to people of the United States and Canada.

The Advanced Drivers of America aims to enhance the standards of driving and highway safety across North America and anywhere else in general. They believe that the key to being a good driver is their "system of car control" which is taught all throughout their advanced driving course. There are six levels of qualifications that is introduced by the organization in their advanced driving course and the remaining five levels which are called, "bronze", "silver", "gold", "platinum", and "world" correspond to the progressive stages that one undergoes when taking the advanced driving course.

Their ADA's advanced driving course is currently being offered in the state of New York and Texas. Other states may be included later and new schedule is always posted.

What The Studies Tell Us

Studies have shown that people who undergo advanced driving course helped in reducing the numbers of crashes since it seriously could improve your road skills, protect the lives of your passengers and other drivers, and minimize the cost of your insurance. Also, by taking the course, it also makes the older drivers more vigilant and responsible since it was shown that the leading cause for occupational fatalities in the United States are mainly older workers. And lastly, it is a great motivation to take the course especially for those people who lack confidence behind the wheels. Advanced driving course would help you overcome those fears and at the same time, make you a better, responsible driver.