The Innovative And Interesting Trex Bicycle

While some people call it a Trex bicycle, the proper description is more of an interesting three-wheel street legal motorbike. Named after the T-Rex dinosaur, this unusual three-wheeled Trex bicycle has a motor and a body that appears to be several things at once. Unlike a bicycle, the Trex has a heft price tag for the average consumer and therefore are owned only by those with expendable cash who want to make a statement.

And what a statement this Trex bicycle can make with its curved bucket seats, motorcycle transmission with six speeds, regular steering wheel and gas pedal and special bespoke chassis. It's hard to believe that this bicycle is street legal and while you likely won't see too many of these on the road, when you do, it is a sight to behold.

Driving The Trex Bicycle Anomaly

Thanks to the technology borrowed from various motorbikes, the Trex is rather easy to drive. Shifting gears requires a simple ease off the throttle while up shifting by pulling the lever back. There is a clutch that is necessary for down shifting but the throttle is more sensitive and requires greater concentration to master successfully.

If you want to get to experience tailspins, just get your wheels in the rear to start spinning which is easy to do when you drive excitedly in one of the first four gears. The steering of the Trex bicycle motorbike is quite sensitive and requires a light touch and you have to be quick with correcting maneuvers. If you can handle a sports car or racing motorbike with ease, chances are that this sporty three-wheeled Trex would be a breeze for you to handle.

The brakes of this motorized Trex bicycle, while not an automatic braking system like in cars, are quite sturdy and strong and do not suffer any locking up. This engineering marvel was designed well, built tough and has great potential for more.

Features Of This Motorized Three-Wheeled Trex Bicycle

Now that you have an idea of what is under the hood, you should know about some of the niceties and extras of the vehicle. For instance, you can seat up to three people in one of these motorized Trex bicycle vehicles - two in the front and one in the back. There is not much room for anything else but the designers thought to create optional luggage racks for when you travel.

If you are drooling over this three-wheeled motorized Trex bicycle, start saving your pennies and bone up on what you are going to say to your insurance company when they don't have a category for this type of street legal motorbike.