A Few Facts About The Tandem Bicycle

When you think about what tandem bicycles really are, you can be sure that they were the first bicycles to have been customized and the first such bicycles were invented by welding two bicycles into one and which could accommodate two riders. This design was then patented in the eighteen hundreds, though with so many changes having taken place since then, today these kinds of bicycles that we use today are more than those made by simply welding together two bikes together and you will be quite amazed by the quality of these kind of bicycles that can be used to get some great performances out of them.

Off Road Bikes Are Also Available Today

With so many changes having been rung in major ways with regard to these bicycles, it is not surprising to know that now it is possible to even get tandem bicycles that can be used off the road and for adventure biking. Even so, you still must be aware of certain terminology that is used in respect of the tandem bicycle and these new terms include describing the person sitting on the front seat of the tandem bicycle.

Thus, the terminology for a person that sits on the front seat of the tandem bicycle is generally different and the person is referred to as a 'Captain' or the pilot or even steersman, while the term used for the person sitting on the rear seat is generally 'Stroker' or navigator or even rear admiral.

And, even the terms used for different parts of the tandem bicycle may require becoming familiar with and which include the crank or pedals, and timing chain or the chain connecting two crank sets. The importance of the chain can be seen when you realize it is this part of the tandem bicycle that forces both the cranks to turn simultaneously.

You should also be aware of different types of tandem bicycles that are available on the market today that includes the bicycle tandem which has a pair of wheels, seats and even handlebars as well as cranks and a single timing chain. The other type of tandem bicycle is the one known as tricycle in which there are three wheels and this type of bicycle is meant for a pair of riders. Yet another type of tandem bicycle is the recumbent tandem in which seats are positioned so as to allow riders to sit in a reclining position instead of the more normal upright position.

Among the famous manufacturers of such bicycles you can include the names of Bohemian Bicycles, Arizona and Co-Motion Cycles as also Trek Bicycles. If you own a tandem bicycle, it will be sure to provide you with the ideal means to exercise with your family members, and it will be a real joy to bike together