Going Off Road With A Rock Cycle

Looking at a rock cycle in the window of a shop may prove a curious experience for one who is not entirely familiar with biking. After all, the look and design of the common rock cycle may not be as visually appealing as some of the other racing bikes on the market, but the average rock cycle is not designed to be appealing. It is designed to be effective.

A Matter Of Image

When most people create a mental image in their head in regards to bicycling, they will often come up with an image that is familiar to most: an athletic person dressed in sportive gear riding a ten-speed along the road. Usually, this person is gleefully passing cars that are stuck in traffic proving that bicycle riding has many more benefits that just the health benefits that it commonly offers. Now, while this image is a common image, it is not an image of totality. In other words, there are a number of different bicycles on the market that seek to serve different purposes. This is visible in the different physical design of the bikes as the variants in design are specifically utilized for efficiency and safety. A rock cycle, for example, would be the perfect type of bike for off road, mountain biking as the terrain of off road regions may prove somewhat difficult - if not outright hazardous - for those looking to enjoy a little time in a more remote, mountainous area.

As such, if one does enjoy the more "extreme" nature of off road biking (and let it be known not all off road biking is extreme or dangerous, but the term "extreme" has become a common adjective for this type of biking) then it becomes critical to use a solid rock cycle as this type of cycle will still ride smooth and absorb all the bumps and troubles that an off road terrain has to offer. Additionally, a rock cycle will still be able to move within this environment, which is a critical attribute. After all, who would want to take a bike out into the great outdoors only to discover the bike physically won't move? Stick with a solid rock cycle and avoid such a calamity!

As such, if you are planning such a trip it may be wise to head over to the local bike shop and see what bikes are currently available. If you find one that matches your wants, snag it before someone else does! Then, how about hitting the trails?