Should You Purchase a Lowrider Bicycle?

You have been thinking about taking up bicycling as a hobby. While at the bike store, you were overwhelmed at the amount of different bike models that are available. Among the different kinds of bicycles that are available are mountain bikes, BMX bikes, and of course your standard bikes. There are also lowrider bicycles available, and you are intrigued by them. However, are lowrider bicycles truly for you?

About Lowrider Bicycles

The first thing that you need to do before you just go ahead an purchase a lowrider bicycle is to understand what lowrider bicycles are meant for. These kinds of bicycles are exactly what their name implies: bicycles that rider lower to the ground than the average bicycle. These bicycles are often used for pure amusement.

For example, if you want to purchase a bicycle that can handle rugged terrain, then you would choose a mountain bike. If you want a bicycle that is aerodynamically able to make higher jumps than the average bicycle, then you would want a BMX bike. Keep in mind that a lowrider bicycle is not suited for either of these purposes.

So, what is a lowrider bicycle really meant for? This bicycle is meant for leisurely riding, as well as for exercise purposes. Because this kind of bicycle is positioned closer to the ground, when you pedal, more of the exertion will be placed on your calf muscles, thus toning that area.

This kind of bike should really only be used on flat surfaces, the reason being that since it is lower to the ground, things like rocks and other debris can get caught in the bike more easily. The result of this being broken spokes, or other areas of the bike that might need to be repaired.

Many people like lowrider bicycles because of their appearance, but really, this kind of bike is more of a novelty. Thus, if you are the kind of person that enjoys biking on smooth sidewalks, and just like to take your time with it as a leisure activity, then this might be the kind of bike you are looking for.

You should, however, keep in mind the overall price of such a bike. Be sure that you have the necessary funds, because certain bikes of this kind of brand can be more expensive than others. For more information on these kinds of bikes, be sure to ask questions at your local bike store, or do some internet research about the bikes.