Cycling Shorts Are More Than Just A Fashion Statement

Cycling shorts aka bike shorts have a reputation for sticking around and conforming to your body shape. These shorts typically run to mid-thigh, are skin-tight and made of a breathable material that wick moisture away from your body. Overall, cycling shorts were designed with the comfort of the bike rider in mind, especially on long trips.

Positive Characteristics Of The Cycling Shorts

A lot of thought and planning went into the design of the shorts to take into account a number of things such as comfort, friction and aerodynamics. For instance, cycling shorts cut down on wind resistance, as there are no baggy materials to capture the wind and slow you down. In addition, the material often conforms to your legs which helps fight off muscle fatigue during those long trips.

The material of the cycling shorts often wicks away moisture to avoid heat rashes, sweating and chafing. The constant movement of your legs can cause a friction but the shorts help protect your skin against that constant rubbing.

Different Materials Used

There are a variety of different materials used in the creation of cycling shorts today but years ago, black wool was used for them with leather chamois patch placed in the vulnerable genital area for chafing issues. Now there are different man-made materials like spandex and synthetic chamois material.

The spandex material in cycling shorts today is made from Lycra and has a lot of stretchy properties. These shorts have a chamois lining which makes them feel softer and protective against the skin for those sweaty days of biking. The men's and women's cycling shorts have slightly different patterns that provide different types of fit which makes sense as men and women are vastly different!

The hem of the cycling shorts has a bit of tight stretchy material so that it will cling and stay in position rather than creep up and show more skin than you want. These shorts are made using panels of fabric and the more panels used the better the cycling shorts will fit and conform to your body without stretching seams. Of course, the more fabric that is used in the design of the shorts the higher the price tag.

The Bib Shorts

Bib shorts are a type of cycling shorts that many professional bikers and cyclists prefer over the traditional elastic waistband style. A bib that is similar to a type of suspenders holds up the bib shorts. With this different design, there is less chafing and irritation from the waistband of regular shorts. Similar materials are used in the design and manufacture of these bib cycling shorts.