A Beginner's Basic Guide To Cycling Shoes

There is a specially designed shoe for practically every competitive sport and bicycling is definitely included. Cycling shoes are specially designed to attach to the pedals of the bike using a clip method. By latching the shoes onto the pedals, the biker can increase his or her efficiency while pumping the pedals which allows for better pulling for going up and pushing for pedaling down.

If you are new to the whole cycling phenomenon, you don't really need special cycling shoes that clip to the pedals. Only when you really start investing more time in the sport, traveling great distances should you invest in these special shoes. Most of these shoes work the same way when it comes to working with the pedals. Cycling shoes have a special cleat at the bottom which then fits into a special spot on the bike pedal. The biker just exerts a bit of pressure down on the shoe to snap it into place and then twists the foot to unsnap it from the pedal.

The Fit Of Cycling Shoes

When shopping for cycling shoes, remember that you must purchase ones that will be compatible with the type of pedal clip system that is on your bike. Also, you should know that there are two basic types of these shoes - one for biking on the road and one for more off-road adventures. With the road type of cycling shoes, the cleats on the bottom are more pronounced, making it hard to walk in them. However, with the off-road version, the cleats are more recessed which provides a better walking experience.

There are a variety of other styles when it comes to cycling shoes such as those for BMX bike racing or even for those touring races and competitions where you bike great distances. Regardless of what type of biking you pursue, your cycling shoes should feel comfortable and sheltered, yet not tight. The cup of the heel should fit snugly so that your heel stays in place during the pedaling process.

Ensure that the pressure on the instep is even when laced up and give yourself some toe room but not so much that the tip will bend. There are also anatomical disparities between the men's cycling shoes and the women's so do not try the opposite gender's shoes on for size because they will not feel comfortable. Ensure that the ball of your foot rests within the widest part of the cycling shoes to have the best, most comfortable fit without pinching, chafing or general irritation.

It is important that you try on the cycling shoes instead of buying them by sight and hoping that they will work. It may take trying on quite a few pairs of shoes before you find the right pair that fits exactly the way they should. Do yourself a favor and take your time because you would hate to be caught in the middle of a long distance biking trip and realize that you picked the wrong cycling shoes.