Finding The Right Bicycle Parts

There are many different things that can go wrong with a bike, and whenever this happens, you are going to need the appropriate bicycle parts so that you can get your bike fixed and back on the trails or roads. Before you will be able to determine what specific bicycle parts you need however, you are going to have to understand the components of the bicycle and how it works.

The Bicycle

Bicycles are truly incredible machines, which help you to get where you want to go a lot faster than you can go with your feet. Not only that but they also allow you to use less energy to get there, and on top of that they are great for staying in shape.

There are many different bicycle parts that are included on the typical bicycle, with the frame being the most major and obvious. The bicycle frame is made of various metal tubes that are welded together, and each different tube has its own name, such as seat tube or down tube, for instance.

The wheels are also critical bicycle parts, and they are made of a hub, spokes, and metal rim, with the rubber tires around the exterior. It is the wheels that actually allow the bicycle to move, and they work because of the gears on the bicycle, which move as you cycle the pedals on the bike.

Gears are a fundamental part of almost all mechanical devices, and their most important job is to provide a gear reduction in motorized equipment. They also work by adjusting the direction of rotation.

Ball bearings are found in various areas of the bicycle, including the front and rear hubs, bottom bracket, fork tube, pedals, and the free wheel. These ball bearings are used to reduce friction, which is caused while the rider is cycling. You will find that you will frequently have to disassemble these bearings, so that you can clean the dirt out from around them and put in fresh grease, as keeping them properly lubricated is very important.

Finding Parts

Once you have learned about the different bicycle parts, then you simply have to find a company that you can go to for purchasing the specific ones that you need. There are a few great companies out there in this regards, one in particular being Bike Parts, a company that is one of the leaders in the industry, and which specializes in mountain bike, road bike and BMX bike parts and accessories.