Exploring Bicycle Frames

Bicycle frames are the most important components of the bicycle, onto which wheels and other components are fitted. The major types of materials used in bicycle frames including steel, aluminum, titanium, and carbon fiber.

The most modern and common bicycle frame design for the upright bicycles is based on the safety bicycle. This is made of two triangles, a main triangle and a paired rear triangle.It is known as the diamond frame. Bicycle frames' main triangle is where you see the top tube and the down tube as well as the head tube. The paired chain stays, seat stays and seat tube is in the rear triangle.

The Schematic Of Bicycle Frames

The diamond frame consists of three triangles, a larger front triangle and a pair of rear triangles. The larger triangle is made up of the top tube, head tube, down tube and seat tube. The seat tube, and paired chain stays and seat stays are at the rear triangle. The top tube connects both the head tube and the seat tube. In mountain bicycle frames, the top tube is usually sloped while in road bikes it is usually straight.

The seat post of the bike, which connects to the saddle, is usually placed in the seat tube. To the chain, the chain stays run parallel and it connects the bottom bracket shell to the rear dropouts. The chain stays can be tapered tubes or straight. On higher-end bikes, sometimes they are sculpted to allow clearance for the crank arms and rear wheel.

The seat stays connect the top of the seat tube to the rear dropouts. The seat stays which merge onto one section before joining the front triangle of the bicycle, is a single seat stay or mono seat stay since it meets at a single point. Seat stays which meet the front triangle of the bicycle at two separate points; usually side-by-side is a dual seat stay.

Bicyle Frame Sizes

Bicycle frame sizes are traditionally measured from the center of the bottom bracket and to the top of the seat tube. For adults, the bicycle frames' sizes usually range from 12 (smaller frames) to 18 (larger frames). Intervals are usually by twos and there are also some intervals with a half point in them.

Bicycle Frame Materials

Lighter than a regular steel frame is the high quality steel frame. When it is light it makes it easier to ride uphill, and to accelerate on the flat. Aluminum frames have gained popularity in the early eighties because of their being lightweight while in the 90's titanium came into the picture. Recently, carbon fiber has been developed into bicycle frames.