Bicycle Components: What is Your Bike Made Out Of?

You have an interest in bikes, and own a couple of them. You think it might be an interesting idea to build your own bike, but first want a better understanding of what a bike is made of. Thus, you should familiarize yourself with some basic bicycle components.

About Bicycle Components

The first, and most noticeable, bicycle components that you should be aware of are the bicycle wheels themselves. Made out of sturdy rubber, they can withstand several years of use. Perhaps you have always wondered why there are little hairlike pieces of rubber sticking out of the outside perimeter of each tire. The reason for this is because they help add to the overall traction of each tire.

Other bicycle components that are very important, though sometimes less noticeable, are the brakes. For example, if you have a mountain bike, the brakes are located on the handlebars. If you own a standard bike, the brakes are located near the pedals. No matter where the breaks are located, make sure that you know how to properly use them for your safety.

Of course, one of the more decorative aspects of the bicycle components is the handlebars. No doubt you have seen bicycles with streamers coming out the ends of the handlebars. Another popular fixture on handlebars is a basket. Nowadays, with technology being as advanced as it is, the handlebars often contain a number of gauges for tire pressure, speed, brake pressure, etc.

One cannot have bicycle wheels without bicycle spokes. Some people actually go so far as to decorate their bicycle spokes with streamers, especially during festive holidays such as the Fourth of July. However, this should obviously be done with caution for safety reasons. If you happen to break one of your spokes, simply go to your local bike repair shop to get a replacement part.

Of course, the pedals make for other important bicycle components. These too vary with the kind of bike. For example, if you are a competitive cyclist, you will need the pedals to have foot straps, so that you can pedal quickly without having your feet go everywhere as well. However, this can also be problematic if the feet actually get stuck!

For more information on bicycle components, ask friends who are avid cyclists. If you do not know anyone who is an avid cyclist, then be sure to search the internet, as there are many reputable, professional websites devoted to this extensive topic.