Various Kinds Of Bicycle Clothing

Biking is a great way to exercise and spend time with buddies or alone. Many people keep physically fit through biking and it is a great way to experience great speed and thrills. Although, some bikers wear just ordinary clothes when they go out biking, the more serious bikers don bicycle clothing that are convenient and comfortable when biking.

Choices In Bicycle Clothing Items

Bicycle clothing consists mainly of jerseys, bike shorts and other pieces of clothing. Jerseys are the shirts or tops that bikers usually wear to go out biking. These are made of lightweight materials and are usually a snug fit for less wind drag. Most jerseys are now colored and have very attractive designs on them. Bicycle clothing is now made with innovative technology that does not bleed color and is very well defined.

Jerseys may or may not have pockets at the back for storing small, personal things that the biker might need. Front zippers for most jerseys may reach up to the very hem of the jersey while others are just halfway or half of that. Bicycle clothing tops do not usually have large collars, although they do have sort of standing collars that are diminutive.

Bike shorts on the other hand are usually made of a single color. There are some bicycle clothing shorts that have designs although these are not as flamboyant as their jersey counterparts. Bibs are also bicycle clothing that have also come into season recently because these are very convenient and keep their form and placement when bikers go out riding. Some bike shorts are padded while others are not. The advantage of a padded bicycle shorts is comfort although it can turn warm when you stay out too long in the sun.

Some bikers also wear sleeves that can be worn when the sun is too hot. These serve as protectors from sunburn while sometimes these sleeves can also be worn during colder weather to protect from the nip of the cold. This bicycle clothing can be worn with any jersey since they are just attachments like long sleeved gloves with no hands.

Leggings are also an example of bicycle clothing that is usually worn during colder winter months. Some downhill bikers also wear leggings for less wind drag and less scratches and nicks from plants and bushes as they bike around the countryside.

Bicycle clothing is an essential part of riding a bike since bikers also wish to express themselves in their individual clothing and not appear generic with similar clothes while biking.