Get Into The Groove With A Bicycle Built For Two

Ask most people what they think about in regards to a bicycle built for two and the answer is probably a tandem bicycle. While there are other styles of bikes made for two people, the tandem is the most popular style by far. A tandem bicycle built for two is manufactured with two seats, two handlebars and two sets of pedals.

The Ins And Outs Of A Bicycle Built For Two

When it comes to the tandem bicycle built for two, someone has to be the leader or "captain" and take the front seat while the back rider or "stoker" serves as support. The captain should be the strongest of the riders, as he will control the direction of the bike as well as the speed and gear shifting. The stoker is the extra "muscle" that adds additional power through pedaling and also helps keep the bicycle built for two balanced.

Riding The Tandem Bicycle Built For Two

The captain has an important job and should therefore ride the tandem bike solo to get a feel for it before the stoker rides on the back. For instance, the captain will learn that a quick push of speed is necessary to steer straight and that there needs to be an initial big push in pedaling in order to get two bodies going.

The rear rider or stoker has a "fun" challenge of getting onto the bicycle built for two without upending the entire process. The captain must brace with two feet solidly on the ground straddling the bike while tilting it to one side so that the rear rider can hop on. Once the stoker is set on the bike, then the captain must have a big initial push off to get the bike moving forward then both riders can start pedaling.

Handy Tips For A Bicycle Built for Two

Try and keep the speed of the tandem bike quick so as to keep a forward momentum going in a straight line as well as to avoid straining the knees with over-exertion. The bicycle built for two typically must have both the captain and the stoker pedaling or coasting at the same time for maximum efficiency.

In order to stop the tandem bike, the rear rider or stoker must concentrate on centering their body along the frame to maintain balance while braking. The captain signals when to stop pedaling and the stoker must dismount first from the bike before the captain.

The tandem bicycle built for two takes some practice to master the nuances of balance, speed and breaking. Therefore, if you are rather nervous about trying one of these bikes out, stick with roads in your neighborhood that have little traffic congestion or practice riding in an empty parking lot. A bicycle for two is definitely a different way to travel and see the sights!