A Guide To Cycling

Cycling is not only a means of transport and a sport, but a fun and enjoyable activity as well. Cycling involves the riding of bicycles, unicycles, tricycles and other similar human powered vehicles. The most commonly used vehicle for cycling is the utility bike, although mountain bikes and road bikes are also very popular.

There are certain cycling rules and regulations that need to be followed, for instance learning to ride efficiently and safely in traffic. There are certain hand signals that need to be demonstrated when a rider is out on the road, in order to let other riders and drivers know which way you are turning.

Other safety issues that you need to take into consideration are: sizing your bike, safety check, helmets, handling skills, riding in traffic, road hazards, weather hazards, and legal responsibilities. Unless you are fully aware of all of these you really should not be out in public on a bike, and so it is critical that you take all of this into serious consideration.

American Cycling Association

There are quite a few different associations and organizations that support the sport of cycling, one of the most major being the American Cycling Association. They are basically an association that was put together for the purpose of informing and educating people about the sport, and also to help keep riders up to date on all the new rules and regulations.

Their goal is to promote the sport of bicycle racing, to develop local, regional and international competitions, and to coordinate club activities in order to ensure that there is a scheduled number of bicycle races each and every year.

They have helped literally hundreds of thousands of cyclists around the globe, and they are constantly striving to become even more successful and more effective as an organization. They are one of the most longstanding associations of their kind, and are well recognized and established in the sporting world.

Then there is also a Canadian version of this association, the Ontario Cycling Association, which is dedicated to the development and promotion of programs and services for the sport of cycling in Ontario. It is a leading organization that provides various opportunities for personal excellence by developing, delivering and promoting quality cycling programs and services for existing and future members.

These are both organizations that you are definitely going to want to check out if you are interested in cycling in general, and so if you have not already then you should definitely make sure to do so in the near future.