Occasions To Give A Personalized Cosmetic Bag

A personalized cosmetic bag is a small container that can accommodate a number of make up items that are necessary for a woman. The word personalized means that the cosmetic bag has the woman's name on it. Another option for the word personalized is that the cosmetic bag was specifically made for an individual but does not necessarily have the individual's name on it. Options for making a personalized cosmetic bag is to have it monogrammed with the recipient's initials, have the first name of the recipient embroidered or printed on it, embroider or print a small heartfelt message on it or have the zipper pull be made with a monogram f the recipient or a favorite object.

The choice of color for the personalized cosmetic bag is up to the giver. Things that may influence the choice of color of the personalized cosmetic bag are the theme of the occasion, the motif or the favorite color of the recipient. There are certain occasions that a personalized cosmetic bag can be given as a gift or a reward. These tokens of thanks are sometimes filled with cosmetics or given empty. The best choice is to fill a personalized cosmetic bag with one or two kinds of make up.

Weddings And Showers

A personalized cosmetic bag can be given as a token of thanks by the bride to her female entourage members. In cases like these, the personalized cosmetic bag usually has the first name of the entourage member embroidered or printed on it. In some cases, a leather cosmetic bag of considerable value may be bestowed on the maid of honor by the bride as sign that the bride appreciates the help that the maid of honor has done.

Bridal showers or baby showers are also events that may merit the giving of a personalized cosmetic bag since most attendees of such occasions are women. The kind of cosmetic bags given for special occasions often mimic the theme or motif of the event. In the case of a baby shower, the giver can specify a certain print or design on the fabric to be used to make the personalized cosmetic bag. Fabric with cranes, rattles and other icons that signify the arrival of a new baby can be used.

Other Occasions

Companies can also give female employees a personalized cosmetic bag as a gift from the company. The giver can usually save more in the purchase of these bags because most manufacturers give discounts for bulk orders.