Choosing to Buy Natural Organic Cosmetics

Natural organic cosmetics are not only better for the individual who is going to be using them, but they are also better for the environment that we live in. Although many companies claim to have all natural ingredients in them, the best natural cosmetic companies truly do not use any synthetic ingredients that have been shown to cause cancer, birth defects or any other diseases, are totally biodegradable, and they do not test any of their products on animals. These natural organic cosmetics are not as hard to find as one might think, with over six hundred companies now signing a Campaign for Safe Cosmetics agreement that ensures that these companies will use all natural, safe ingredients. As time goes by, sometimes ingredients that were once thought to be safe are found to be harmful to some segment of society or the environment. When this happens, these companies have agreed to change their formulas so that the newly found harmful ingredients can be removed while still providing a good cosmetic.

How to Choose

One way to choose an all natural organic cosmetic is to go to the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics website, since there is a listing of all the companies that have agreed to conform to the guidelines of safe natural cosmetics. There are also other sites that contain useful information about specific products and explain what some of the confusing ingredients are. There are so many technical terms used on the bottles of supposedly natural organic cosmetics that it is hard for the average person to discern whether the product is indeed safe for her and for the environment.

Since cosmetics are used on a woman's skin almost every day of her adult life, often starting when she is a teenager, that is often fifty years or more of her life that different agents are soaking into her skin. This applies to skin care products as well as cosmetics, some of which the woman might inadvertently consume during the course of the day, such as products that are made for the lips. With this in mind, the woman will want to be even more careful when choosing the natural organic cosmetics that she uses, making sure that the ingredients are safe, and that she is not putting toxins into her body inadvertently. Unfortunately, there are many women that just look for the latest trend or the least expensive products on the market, rather than buying the more expensive but healthier natural organic cosmetics.