A Fragrant Choice: Natural Herbal Cosmetics

Natural herbal cosmetics are usually more expensive than regular cosmetics on the market. The reason for this is that most of these natural herbal cosmetic companies have made a choice to use organic products in their cosmetics rather than substitute synthetic chemicals to create the same product. This is a safer choice for individuals who use these products as well as for the environment since the synthetic chemicals can often cause problems to both. Many natural herbal cosmetic products use herbs that have a pleasant or soothing smell to them, enhancing the look and feel of the cosmetic as the individual uses it.

Choosing Carefully

When choosing a natural herbal cosmetic, there are certain things to look for in the ingredient list. For one, natural herbal cosmetics do not contain any preservatives in them and so are normally made in small amounts so that the product does not go bad, getting bacteria or molds into it. If there is a preservative in the supposed natural herbal cosmetic product, then it is not organic and can cause problems for those who have skin allergies or other health issues.

Another trick that natural cosmetic makeup producers use is to promote their product as being full of a certain herb or other organic material when in actuality it contains just a very small amount of that material. Often these companies will put the herb on the box so that their product looks like it is a more natural herbal cosmetic product than others. There are a couple of ways to tell if the product is really an all natural one. First, there are different watchdog groups that test products to see if their claims are true. These groups often have lists of companies that conform to their regulations, which are much stricter than what the government requires. In addition, individuals should read the ingredients on the back of the product to see where the herbal ingredient comes in the list. The further down the list the ingredient comes, the smaller the amount of the ingredient is used in the product. True natural herbal cosmetics have all natural ingredients that are the primary ingredients in their products. This makes it easier for individuals to read on the ingredient list since they do not have to be a chemist to read the synthetic chemicals that are used in less organic products. Doctors will often be able to recommend more natural products to their patients since they are made aware of different skin issues and the products that can safely be used by that type of individual.