Going Green: Natural Cosmetics

There are many products on the market today that claim to be natural cosmetics but in reality contain ingredients that are not all natural at all. Although there may be natural ingredients in the cosmetics, the main ingredients are synthetic and even toxic to the body if examined carefully. There are also some cosmetic companies that test their cosmetics on animals still, which most people who are concerned with going organic will not put up with in buying natural cosmetics. In addition, to truly be natural cosmetics, the products must be biodegradable and contain no synthetic materials.

What to Look for

When seeking to find natural cosmetics, it is hard to sort through the information to get down to the truth about whether a certain brand is truly a natural or natural mineral cosmetic company. Unfortunately, the FDA regulations regarding cosmetics do not ensure that the products contain only natural products that will not be harmful to the body. There have been reports in recent years about the dangers of phthalates which have now been found to be dangerous, which have been used in cosmetic companies for years, even those that claimed to be all natural. There are some companies that have been banding together to help promote natural cosmetics, agreeing to conform to certain terms in each of their cosmetic products. Unfortunately, there are not very many companies that are willing to do this since synthetic materials are usually cheaper to produce, making their products more marketable to a wider range of consumers than those with all natural products.

There are certain websites that are designed to give information on a huge variety of different products that claim to be natural cosmetic products. Skin Deep is one of those databases which provides this information so that consumers know exactly what the ingredients in their favorite cosmetics are and if there are any toxic materials in them that can lead to cancer, birth defects or other diseases. There are some companies that use Aloe, coconut oils, or other natural ingredients in their products, but it is usually listed fifth or more into the ingredient list, with synthetic chemicals listed before it. In order to be assured of the safety of a product, those with more knowledge have to be consulted, otherwise a course in chemistry would have to be taken to know what some of the ingredients in certain products are. Finding natural cosmetics is especially important for those with allergies, since they are often told they cannot wear makeup, when in reality, many could if all natural ingredients are used.