Beauty in the Making: Natural Cosmetics Makeup

For most women, beauty and cosmetics are subjects of interest, always searching for more ways to express their unique personalities and make themselves more beautiful. There are more women today that are becoming more conscious of the health risks that some cosmetic and beauty products can cause and as such, are in the market for more natural cosmetics and makeup products. The problem with this is that marketers also know that this is a growing trend and so have changed marketing strategies to emphasize the health benefits and natural ingredients of their products, even if those ingredients are not the main ones in the product. This can cause a lot of confusion to the buyer, thinking that a product is a natural cosmetics or makeup product, seeing the commercials and packaging that promotes it as such, but when searching more closely, finds that the main ingredients are synthetic chemicals, many of which have been found to be harmful to people and the environment.

Making a Choice

Natural cosmetic and makeup products that are truly natural conform to a certain set of standards that are higher than what the FDA requires these companies to have. Many of the synthetic chemicals that are still allowed by the FDA in these products have been shown to have a link to different types of cancers, as well as being linked to other health concerns such as birth defects. This is of huge importance to women who use these products almost every day of their lives. When considered thoughtfully, these natural cosmetic and makeup products sit on the skin, soaking into it, which can allow toxins to be absorbed into the body if the product is not truly a natural product. In addition, products that are made for the lips are usually inadvertently eaten during the course of the day, which is also a concern from a health standpoint.

There are certain safe cosmetic groups that are beginning to take a stand to help women ensure that the products that they are using are indeed all natural cosmetic and makeup products. These groups invite companies to sign an agreement that states that they will conform to the higher standards given by the group. This means that these companies will refuse to use animal testing on any of their products. It means that these companies will refuse to use synthetic chemicals in their natural cosmetic and makeup products that have been proven to be linked to cancers and other health risks. They also will conform to using biodegradable products so that the environment is not adversely affected.