Opting For A Monogrammed Cosmetic Bag

A monogrammed cosmetic bag can mean two things. Firstly, it can be a designer monogrammed cosmetic bag which sports the designer brand's monogram on the fabric or material used for the bag. These kinds of cosmetic bags are usually a bit more expensive than most but definitely will be appreciated by their recipients. On the other hand, a monogrammed cosmetic bag can also mean a fabric cosmetic bag with the monogram of the owner embroidered or printed on the side of the cosmetic bag.

A cosmetic bag is a container of make up and other accessories that are used to apply and perfect the cosmetics in it. The most common kind of cosmetic bag is made of a single layer with a zipper pull to prevent the contents from spilling out. The size of such a bag is about five inches by seven inches with the longer side being the one with the zipper pull.

The Designer Bag

A monogrammed cosmetic bag made by a designer company is definitely an expensive item. Many women who like to have a cosmetic bag might purchase this kind of bag for the sake of owning a designer bag of some brand. On the other hand, a designer cosmetic bag is a great gift for another female as a show of appreciation. Many women will appreciate a designer bag no matter what kind it is, whether it be an actual handbag or a cosmetic bag. A monogrammed cosmetic bag from a reputable designer company or name is as good as any designer handbag.

The Monogrammed Bag

A monogrammed cosmetic bag can also be a bag that has the recipient's monogram on it. Popular examples of this kind of cosmetic bag are those that are made of fabric, usually a hardy or sturdy kind of fabric, with a print or embroidery of the owner's monogram. A monogram is usually the initials of the person who owns the cosmetic bag. This kind of monogrammed cosmetic bag is usually given as a gift. Weddings and showers are usually the events that a monogrammed cosmetic bag is given to the entourage or participants of such occasions.

This kind of monogrammed cosmetic bag has a lot of choices such as the color and design of the fabric to be used for the bag itself, the color of the monogram and the kind of zipper pull. Even the kind of font to be used for the monogrammed can be the choice of the giver. A monogrammed cosmetic bag is something that is uniquely for the recipient which makes if a truly one of a kind gift.