Making the Right Decision about Cosmetic Plastic Surgery

With all the TV shows about plastic surgery and the photos in magazines full of celebrities who have gotten plastic surgery, it's no surprise that many people are jumping on the bandwagon. Whether it's to smooth out wrinkles, remove blemishes, change your nose, get cosmetic foot surgery to remove a bunion, or get a new pair of knockers, more and more people are resorting to cosmetic plastic surgery.

A Dangerous Trend

Cosmetic plastic surgery is a booming business. Perhaps we have finally found the fountain of youth or maybe we are only growing vainer. Some would argue that plastic surgery enhances your looks thus enhances your self-esteem but some celebrities are an example that not even a large amount of plastic surgery can bring you satisfaction and confidence. For example, just have a look at Michael Jackson. He has gotten so much plastic surgery that he looks like an animal at best.

Do it for the Right Reason

If you are truly getting cosmetic plastic surgery to please yourself, more power to you. However, if you are getting plastic surgery to please your significant other or to look better in someone else's eyes, you should reconsider your decision.

You should take the time to think over your decision very carefully. Talk to other people who have had plastic surgery and see how it has made them feel and if they have any regrets. Talk to different surgeons and have a realistic vision of what you can accomplish with cosmetic plastic surgery.

If you want to look exactly like Angelina Jolie but in reality you look more like Janeane Garafalo, you need to reconsider your expectations. Cosmetic plastic surgery can enhance your appearance but it can't transform you completely. Too much surgery can make you look monstrous in fact (just look at Michael Jackson or Jacqueline Stallone).

Look at plenty of before and after photos of patients who have gotten procedures done similar to the one you are trying to get. Make sure your doctor has realistic expectations as well. Some doctors will do anything for money and tell you what you want to hear. Get the opinions of many surgeons prior to making a decision to get a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure done.

Make no mistake about it. Making the right decision about getting cosmetic plastic surgery can be tough. Weigh your options carefully and make an educated decision. Going under the knife is costly and it has potential side effects. Don't believe that getting a cosmetic surgery procedure will make your life better. Confidence comes from within. No matter how many surgical procedures you get, you aren't going to automatically feel better about yourself.