Tips on Getting Cosmetic Foot Surgery

Fully functional body parts such as teeth and feet can now be improved with cosmetic surgery. In the past, these body parts were only fixed with mechanical function in mind and the unsightliness of the results were ignored. Nowadays, doctors are combining the best of cosmetic surgery with reconstructive surgery to bring you results that make you both look and feel better. Cosmetic dental surgery and cosmetic foot surgery are gaining traction but are they really necessary?

Cosmetic foot surgery involves restoring the feet while improving their appearance. Surveys show that many people are concerned about the way their feet look after surgery. Many surgical procedures leave people's feet scarred or with ugly shaped toes. Cosmetic foot surgery will make your feet look as good as they work and feel.

Foot Problems

Foot problems that can be treated with cosmetic foot surgery include bunions, brachymetatarsia, webbed feet, long and crooked toes, and curled toes. Traditional restorative foot surgery leaves unsightly scars that do not go away. With cosmetic foot surgery, your feet will look beautiful and the mechanics of your feet will be maintained or enhanced. As a result, you will additionally experience relief from pain.

Bunions are the painful bumps on the side or top of your big toe. Bunion cosmetic foot surgery consists of removing this bump while minimizing scarring. Nail surgery consists of removing nails that are discolored and deformed due to fungus. Hammertoes are painful contracted toes. When cosmetic foot surgery is performed to fix hammertoes, the incision is made between the toes so visible scarring is minimal.

You can also get cosmetic surgery on a healthy, functional foot just to make it look better. Some physicians argue that surgery should never be performed on a foot that is health and functioning well. The risks of cosmetic foot surgery include infection, poor healing, and injury. Other cosmetic surgery procedures such as ones performed on the face and body present far less risk of complications. The risk is high with foot surgery because of the mechanical function of the foot. You could end up being in pain for life is surgery goes wrong since you have to use your feet to walk every day.

Do yourself a favor and consider your options carefully. If you have a foot problem that unsightly and uncomfortable, cosmetic foot surgery is an excellent option. However, if you merely want surgery to improve the appearance of your foot, you should consider the potential side effects of the procedure before making the decision to undergo foot surgery for aesthetic purposes.