Choosing Wisely: The Best Natural Cosmetics

There are many natural skin care cosmetic products that are on the market today that may or may not be an organic product. There are some companies that put a natural ingredient in their product, such as aloe for a soothing effect or coconut oil for softer skin, but these ingredients are not normally the main ingredients in the product. Instead, the main ingredients are synthetic, meaning they are chemicals that have been fabricated to make the product look, feel and smell the way it does. The more synthetic ingredients that are listed before the natural ingredient that is promoted on the product, the less of the natural ingredient there is in the product.

In addition, there have been many synthetic ingredients that have been found to have a harmful affect not only on the individual but also on the environment as it gets into the water supply from baths and showers. These ingredients can make land and water wildlife unable to reproduce properly, unable to fight illnesses and diseases as well, or may give them birth defects. Choosing the best natural cosmetic products is important not only for the woman's sake, but also for the protection of the environment.

Making a Pact

There are many different cosmetic companies that have agreed not to use animals in the testing of their products but there are less that have taken it a step further like the best natural cosmetic companies have to use all biodegradable ingredients in their products. This helps to ensure that the environment is not harmed by the perfumes or binding agents in the products. In addition to being better for the environment, it is also better for the women who use the best natural cosmetics since these products are going on their skin almost every day of their lives. If the products contain toxins, these toxins are being absorbed into the skin and also consumed (lip products) every day which is in no way good for the woman's overall health.

Those companies who have the best natural cosmetics have also agreed not to use any synthetic chemicals that have been proven to cause cancer, birth defects or any other diseases. This includes chemicals that are discovered in the future to cause harmful effects to people or the environment, agreeing to take out the chemicals as soon as there is a danger discovered. This is a big commitment since to do this requires the companies to reformulate their products so that they can remain the best natural cosmetic companies on the market.