Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery: Feel Young Again

Everyone over a certain age would like to look and feel young again. The Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery can help do this for both men and women. This cosmetic surgery center can give you the image or look of your dreams and can make you feel more confident about yourself. If you are confident with your looks, your self esteem will follow. You will be more confident and feel better about yourself in the workplace, community or home.

The Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery specializes in Facelifts, but it is also known for its Breast Reductions, Abdominoplasty, Chin and Cheek Implants, Eyelid Lift, Laser Procedures, Tattoo Removal, N-Lite Acne Treatments, Liposuction, Thermage, Rhinoplasty and many more cosmetic procedures. If it is a branch of cosmetic surgery, then the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery can do it.

The FaceLift

Dr. Burke and his staff welcome anyone for free cosmetic consultations. This facility has full AAAHC accreditation and complete comprehensive cosmetic surgery and treatment options are available. Financing is also available for those who wish to gradually pay off the cost of the surgery. The staff is very friendly, personable and professional and the Center's goal is to make your visit in their office so pleasant that you will want to return many times. They are known for the outstanding quality they give to their patients.

The Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery realizes that as one ages the skin of the face and neck loses its elasticity and muscle tone. Pollutants in the air and sun exposure, gravity, stress, and weight gain or loss will create the onset of wrinkles. These are the agents that make us look old. By removing excess fatty deposits, tightening muscles and redraping sagging skin, the facelift can improve the most visible sings of aging. While a facelift from the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery will not restore all your youthful vitality, it will restore your self confidence. All it takes to restore self-confidence is looking into a mirror and seeing a younger reflection.

The majority of the surgeries at the Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery are performed on an outpatient basis under a local sedation, but the option of general anesthesia with an overnight hospital stay is also available. The facelifts range from the weekend lift to an extended lift that depends on the area and extent of skin laxity, the goals of the patient and patient time limitations for recovery. The procedure includes incisions made at the hairline above the ear and extending down to the lobe and ending in or below the hairline behind the ear.

The subcutaneous layers and neck muscles are tightened and the facial skin is redraped and lifted. The excess skin is then removed. The patient will go home with their neck and head wrapped in dressings. These are usually removed the following day. Initial discomfort is usually controlled with oral medication or nasal spray and the stitches are removed within 14 days. The final result of the facelift is usually evident in four to six weeks or sooner with continued improvement over several months. The staff at The Michigan Center for Cosmetic Surgery will see to it that your visit is comfortable and safe, and that any special requests will be met.