Cosmetic Chin Surgery Can Help Balance the Face

People with chins that protrude out, or which recede sharply are ideal candidates for cosmetic chin surgery. It is important to get the chin shaped so that is suits the rest of the face and many men and women find that they need cosmetic chin surgery to get their desired appearance. Some choose chin enlargement, facial implants or chin reduction surgery to get these results.

A New Sense of Proportion

Cosmetic chin surgery gives to the chin a sense of proportion that was lacking earlier and keeps the facial features in correct balance. If your chin is weak, your face would look too fleshy and your nose size would be accentuated. On the other hand, an overly prominent chin will make the nose as well as the rest of the face appear smaller, and it is only through cosmetic chin surgery that these flaws can be corrected.

The first concern, besides the need for cosmetic chin surgery, is bound to be what the costs of such an operation would be. You won't find it cheap - that's for sure. A cosmetic surgeon may charge as much as $2500 for his fees alone. This does not include costs of implants, anesthesia as well as many other hidden charges. The end cost to you would depend on the exact procedure and where you're having it done, but be prepared to shell out good money.

You may choose cosmetic chin surgery for chin enlargement which may involve placing chin implants to augment the bones already present in the face. The implants can be placed just below the teeth towards the front of the jaw which will result in permanently boosting the strength as well as characteristic of the chin. The end result is a more pleasing as well as properly proportioned face that also does not seem artificial.

Or, you may want cosmetic chin surgery to reduce the chin. This would mean that the bone and the tissues will have to be given a new shape. The end result of this procedure should be to make the facial contours more pleasing so that you won't need to have implants.

Whatever the type of cosmetic chin surgery that you desire, you would need to consult your surgeon for a recommendation that best suits you. Your surgeon can recommend whether you need an implant or a reduction in the bone. Even when you are going to have nose surgery, the surgeon may also recommend a cosmetic chin surgery to get the proportion of the face just right. The important part of successful cosmetic chin surgery is to get a complete understanding of the patient's face from every angle - the rest is simple.