Common Symptoms Of Constipation And Treatments

Our diet, daily physical activities and stress factor have a huge say on our health and one of the most immediate disorders that are caused directly by one or all of these factors is constipation. Constipation is a disorder that affects our bowel movement making it irregular.

Most of us will have one bowel movement a day however, that is not standard and usually if you have at least three a week you are considered regular. However, any less than that and you may be experiencing constipation. Here are some common symptoms of constipation and some easy treatments that can bring you fast relief.

General Symptoms Of Constipation

Bloating is caused by many factors and usually a common state in women during their menstrual cycle. However, when the bloating is combined with nausea, vomiting, hard and dry stool that you have difficulty and pain when passing, you may be having the classic symptoms of constipation.

If you are not sure about the symptoms of constipation try and monitor your stool cycle for the next week as well as your diet and water intake.

Common Cause Of Constipation

If the symptoms of constipation are not clear and/or you are experiencing problems with your stool during your period, which you cannot determine if you are constipated or not, try and think back what you have been eating for the past week as well as what you have been drinking. Lack of fiber in your diet, dehydration, stress and lack of exercise can all cause constipation, which you must monitor closely.

Easy And Fast Constipation Relief

If you have determined that you are dehydrated, something that women are more prone to then men, or if you discover that your diet indeed did not contain the required amount of fiber, which is usually for an adult between 25 and 35 grams, then the next step to take is ensure you get plenty of both in order to get back to being regular fast.

There are also available natural remedies for constipation which consist of herbal drugs that are not habit forming, tea and suppositories that will help soften the stool as well so it does not hurt when you pass it.

Helpful Tip

If the constipation persists, consult a doctor for advanced treatment after he conducts required tests in order to ensure that the constipation is not caused by another medical condition. Try to stay away from taking laxatives regularly as that is habit forming and they also promote constipation.