How Best To Treat Rabbit Constipation

Long haired rabbits can be treated for rabbit constipation with a safe as well as all-natural powdered combination of herbs known as Hair Ball Supplement P that specifically targets treating this disease in rabbits. With experience, one learns that these herbs are helpful to treat rabbit constipation, which condition may arise given that the rabbit lacks fiber in its digestive system.

Hair Ball Supplement P Works Wonders With Long Haired Rabbits

Rabbits may also have constant problems of regurgitation or infrequent elimination, which comes about because of the lack of drinking adequate quantities of water or due to advanced age. To prevent rabbit constipation, Hair Ball Supplement P is recommended because these organic food quality herbs work best when 1/8 teaspoon is added to the rabbit's food in the morning as well as at night.

The herbs act in a two-fold manner including pulling the food through the digestive system as well as helping to break down the blockage. It also helps to lubricate the digestive system thus facilitating movement of the bowel. Giving Hair Ball Supplement P will make for a trouble-free, stress-free and a happier long haired rabbit.

Some rabbit constipation cases may involve a blockage that pre-exists, and for such a condition, giving it Hair Ball Supplement L will provide the rabbit with a natural remedy that aids it in its already constipated stage. Such a liquid herbal remedy will make the intestinal walls to move gently and dislodge compacted waste, and help in bowel movement in a short time span with complete safety as well.

Rabbit constipation results in the rabbit constantly straining to eliminate and the Hair Ball Supplement L will reduce straining, and thus act in a manner that prevents complications from arising including prolapsed anus or hemorrhoids and fissures. The more aged rabbits are particularly at risk of experiencing difficulty in moving their bowels, and an administration of three to five drops directly fed orally to the rabbit will be sure to provide immediate and beneficial results.

A blocked rabbit constipation condition is treated successfully with Hair Ball Supplement L which, once it clears the obstruction, should be sprinkled in ΒΌ teaspoon on top of the rabbit's food daily for a couple of weeks, and it can then be reduced to once or twice weekly to prevent further obstructions from developing.

One can also use Pro BAC Adult, which is an immune system booster that enhances the rabbit's natural bacterial activity in the digestive system, and thus boosts the immune system and balances the flora in the gut and aids in diarrhea problems as well.