The Effect Of Lower Back Pain On Constipation

Many people suffer tremendous pain in their lower back and this pain may stem from a variety of reasons. No matter what the cause of the lower back pain, constipation often results as of the reasons lower back pain may cause constipation is that there is decreased mobility. A person with lower back pain may not be moving around as much, causing a decrease in circulation and body functions, which often causes constipation.

A person with lower back pain needs to try and walk as much as physically possible and recommended by their physician. Walking will not only help the constipation issue but may help relieve the back pain depending on its cause. Decreased mobility may also result in a person being unable to sit on the toilet as sometimes sitting causes increased lower back pain. This will ultimately affect the bowel routine of a person and causes constipation.

A person finding this to be true should speak to their physician about stool softeners or laxatives that will allow the bowel movement to be accomplished without sitting and straining on the toilet. Lower back pain and constipation may be the result of nerve injury.

Nerves Affecting Lower Back Pain And Constipation

When a person has lower back pain it is often caused by a disc problem in the spine such as a disc may bulge out of place on the spine or a disc may rupture. When this occurs a nerve may be compressed or injured and the nerves in the lower back are directly related to the lower extremities and lower body functions such as bowel and bladder function.

If there is a disc injury in the lower spine a person will most likely suffer lower back pain and constipation along with leg problems and possibly bladder problems. The way to relieve all the symptoms is for the disc problem to be corrected sometimes with medications and physical therapy. Sometimes a disc problem requires surgical intervention.

While the lower back problems are being addressed, it will be important for both the lower back pain and the constipation to be addressed. Special care will have to be taken so that the pain relief measures do not compound the constipation. Constipation can become a very serious problem even life threatening if not relieved. A physician can prescribe medications to treat the constipation until the cause of the lower back pain can be diagnosed and treated.