Infant Constipation Is Related to Adult Constipation

Infant constipation stems from the diet and exercise like the same condition in adults. Infant constipation usually comes because of the diet of the baby or the fact that they are not moving around enough. Infant constipation almost never occurs when the infant is breastfed because mother's milk is the perfect combination of nutrients. The baby cannot explain why he or she feels uncomfortable and will cry to show that something is not right. This could be for different reasons, but the crying accompanied by straining motions from a baby will indicate constipation.

Believe it or not just holding the baby upright might help because the forces of gravity will help the baby get rid of the contents of their gastrointestinal system. The baby might be held up in a squat position as well to help the baby eliminate these wastes from their system. The baby on formula could have infant constipation because of the formula that the doctor has prescribed. The doctor should be able to recommend a different type of formula to eliminate infant constipation. If the infant constipation disappears, the mother and baby can rest at ease. If the constipation continues, another trip to the doctor will be in order.

Infant Constipation Could Signal a More Serious Condition

Infant constipation could be a sign of a more serious disease or condition. Even if the infant constipation goes away quickly, a doctor visit might be recommended. There is a chance that the child is constipated because of an unknown condition. The doctor should be able to offer some information on this condition. Infant constipation can be eliminated through careful exercise. That may seem a strange idea, but a parent can just manipulate the legs of the baby as if he or she were on a bicycle. This might help the baby pass the unwanted contents of the intestines.

Infant constipation could be due to dehydration so parents would be wise to give a dehydrated baby plenty of fluids whenever possible. Apple and grape juice can be given to the baby who is constipated. These juices will help get the system back on track. Constipation is rarely a life threatening condition, and parents should be able to overcome this problem with the guidance of a doctor. Parents should consider the problem of constipation as uncomfortable and annoying, but not very dangerous. Parents will want to carefully monitor their new infant for signs of constipation.