Symptoms And Treatment For Dog Constipation

Dogs are the number one pet of choice with families because they are lovable, loyal and loving, which makes you enjoy their company. While having a dog is great fun and always enjoyable it is also a huge responsibility, as they have the needs and health problems just as humans do and therefore you need to watch their diet and exercise at all times.

The Symptoms Of Dog Constipation

Dogs are very expressive but at times it is hard to tell when they are under the weather because they cannot talk so, you need to keep a close watch on the signs that they show you. A common dog constipation symptom is that the dog does not pass a stool for more than two days. A dog's digestive system is a lot more active than that of a human's and therefore he or she will have bowel movements at least once a day in a soft form so if he or she does not pass any for two days or the stool is hard and your dog has trouble passing it, you may be dealing with dog constipation.

Other symptoms of dog constipation include loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting as well as lethargy and/or disinterest in his or her favorite activities.

Common Dog Constipation Treatment And Prevention

If your pet suffers from dog constipation you need to take a closer look at his or her diet to ensure that it contains enough fiber and increase the amounts if it does not. Usually the dog food found on the market contains the right amount of fiber some brands are, Dog Chow or Pedigree Pal to name couple. Dehydration may be yet another cause of your dog's constipation and therefore you must ensure he or she drinks plenty of water by placing fresh water by the food and at all times.

Other Measures For Dog Constipation

If the situation does not improve in a maximum of a week take your dog to a vet's office right away, as your dog may be in pain and the only one to offer the correct treatment is the veterinarian. The vet may prescribe some dog laxatives to help your best friend but he will also conduct a few tests to ensure that there are no existing medical conditions that may be the cause of your dog's constipation.

Regular check ups, balanced diet, adequate water and exercise are what should keep your dog free of constipation at all times and you are the only one who can assure that all the requirements are met.