General Constipation Symptoms May Indicate Other Problems

When there is insufficient evacuation of the bowel as well as dry or painful passing of stool, one can safely assume that one is suffering from constipation. A popular misconception many people have is that one bowel movement every day is a must. However, there are no medical facts that support such a view. Also there are no fixed constipation symptoms other than a patient having a serious underlying cause and constipation itself is symptomatic of the condition.

There are some general constipation symptoms that can be used as guidelines, and they include bowel movements of less than three times a week, hard as well as dry pellet-like stools, needing to strain a lot in order to pass stool as well as painful bowel movement. Other constipation symptoms include the feelings of bloated stomach, uneasiness as well as sluggishness and not being able to evacuate completely.

Physical Examination One Method Of Finding Out What Is Wrong

Irritable bowel syndrome causes the colon to go into spasms, which can alternately cause diarrhea as well as constipation and abdominal cramps, bloating and gas. A physical examination may be able to reveal anorectal lesions, and pelvic floor dysfunction may show the sphincter muscles of the anus tensing up instead of relaxing when the patient attempts bowel movement.

Besides a physical examination, other procedures such as blood tests, abdominal x-rays, barium enemas, can also be used to determine exact constipation symptoms. Also, a patient's constipation history may help to reveal other symptoms, and it will include factors such as time spent in the toilet to defecate, and environmental and psychological changes that have occurred since the problem began.

Perhaps the most obvious constipation symptom is difficulty in bowel movement and another sign that points to constipation is dry and small feces. Lethargy, headaches, irritability as well as feeling 'down in the dumps' are constipation symptoms that show a lack of confidence, or even feeling exceptionally buoyant. And, under normal circumstances, constipation symptoms are enough to ruin a person's day.

The matter is further compounded when a person fails to realize that he or she is constipated, and given the busy lives one leads, it may not be noticed that these are indeed constipation symptoms. The reason being one is too busy coping with the stresses and strains of everyday life. Symptoms will also vary from person to person and some people may only experience a bit of difficulty or straining when on the toilet seat, while others may experience extreme physical discomfort.