Natural Remedies For Constipation Relief

Constipation is a disorder that we all have encountered at one time or another and it is experienced in the form of not being able to have regular bowel motions. Regular bowel movement differs from person-to-person depending mainly on your lifestyle, diet and exercise however, if you have less then three bowel movements a week you are experiencing what is commonly known as constipation.

Constipation can be painful, as its general symptoms are dry and painful stool, bloating and stomachache, headaches, nausea and change in appetite. We will all agree that when you suffer from constipation you want fast and effective relief so; here are some useful tips and suggestions on natural remedies that will provide you constipation relief.

Examine Your Diet

One of the most common causes of constipation is a diet poor in fiber and water so, if you are one of those people who lives on coffee and a dry snack on the run, look no further, as that is the main cause of your constipation and a few changes in your diet will bring you constipation relief fast. Drink at least two quarts of water everyday and the water in the coffee or cola does not count as the caffeine in these drinks actually dehydrates your body, which promotes constipation.

Eat vegetables and fruits that contain fiber such as, prunes, dates, spinach, beans and cabbage to name only a few; try reading the labels of the food items you purchase or ask your doctor for a complete list and try to ensure you provide your body with the daily required dose.

Exercise Counts

Regular exercise increases your blood circulation, which increases your metabolism and in turn helps your bowel movement to provide you with fast constipation relief. Eating right and exercising is always the best formula to adopt for a healthy and happy body so, try as much as possible to include them both in your daily routine.

Other Constipation Relief Remedies

You will find in the drug store a large variety of laxatives to help you get constipation relief fast and they are okay to use once or twice but definitely not on a regular basis because you may promote severe constipation in the long run. Try instead to use all the natural remedies available in order to find constipation relief fast, which are not habit forming but instead helps your body improve its own reflexes.